7 Nail Art Designs You'll Love for Fall


1 Nail Jewels

Nail Art Design src: @truongnails

Upgrade a neutral gray color with some beautiful jewels to make your nails stand out amongst the crowd this Fall. Try this nail art designwith our 7TRUE™ Fall into Winter nail polish.


2 White Marble

Nail Art Design src: @chiki_rikas_nails

Just because you can’t wear white after Labor Day doesn’t technically mean you can’t have this white nail art design in the Fall. This white marble design is gorgeous and would be perfect for any season with a little gold added to it. 7TRUE™ has the perfect polish to use for this nail art design too! Try this out with our Winter Gems polish for that sparkly gold accent nail and then top it off with our 7TRUE Gel Finish Top Coat to set that gold tape in place!


3 Golden Louis Vuitton

Nail Art Design src: @queensspabyyakelin

Not only is this nail art design super cute, but who wouldn’t want to be repping Louis Vuitton in this stylish way? If you want to be stylish and conscious of what is in your nail polish this Fall, try this nail art design with our Fall Coat, a sophisticated brown polish color. 


4 Army Green


Nail Art Design src: @makeupbymamaeve

Straight up, army green nails are so classic and perfect Fall, no nail art design needed with these babies. Lucky for you, we have the perfect army green polish that just happens to be 7FREE to protect you and your nails from harmful chemicals! Check out this perfect Fall color called: Summer Fest. Don’t let the name fool you, this color is perfect for Fall too.


5 Pumpkin Patch

Nail Art Design src: @razzmatazz13_nails

Halloween is closer than you think! And besides, these pumpkins are so cute, you could have this nail art design on your claws all season long! It’s a simple design but it packs an adorable punch. Our Fall Change polish would go perfectly as the pumpkin color in this nail art design. 


6 Polka Dots 

Nail Art Design src: kimmage85


We’re getting total Minnie Mouse vibes from this adorable nail art designand we’re loving it! This is a super simple nail art design that can be achieved right at home instead of having to go get it done at a nail salon, can someone say “bonus!”? Bonus number 2 is that 7TRUE™ has the perfect dark red for this nail art designcalled Fall Back. Ready for bonus number 3? We also have the perfect nude to pair with this nail art designcalled Summer Wedding!


 7 Red French Mani

What list would be complete without a shout-out to our own Red French Mani? This nail art designis so easy, but really pops with a fun, bright color, like our Summer Lovin’.


Your turn: which of these 7 nail art designs will you try first? You could start simple and just go with a classic army green nail or go the complete opposite and try out the extravagant Louis Vuitton nail art design. No matter what, be sure your nail art design is created with our non-toxic, vegan, cruelty 7TRUE nail polishes, free of seven harmful chemicals.


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