Best Beauty Products for Fall 2018

 Looking for some great beauty products for Fall that are also safe to use? We’ve compiled a list of some amazing beauty products for you to try this Fall.


1. Overnight Cream 

As the season changes and the temperature starts to cool down, your skin can go through a rough patch. With the cold weather beginning, you may find that your skin is drier compared to the summer time, which is why an overnight cream is a great beauty product to have on hand this fall. An overnight cream is the perfect beauty product that does all the reparative work for you while you get to sleep! We suggest you try Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream by Beauty Counter, this is a brand dedicated to creating products that are not harmful to use and are created with the health and safety of consumers in mind (which we love!).beauty product 1

2. Exfoliating Scrub

A good exfoliating scrub is a very important beauty product to have in your collection. Like we previously stated, the change of weather can have a huge impact on your skin, especially its potential to dry out. With a beauty product like an exfoliating scrub, you can help your skin stay healthy as exfoliating will help in removing any dried up, dead skin. We suggest you try out Lowen’s Salt of the Earth Sea Salt Scrub. Lowen’s is a family owned company and all of their products are cruelty-free, making us love them even more!

beauty product 2

3. Makeup Remover  

Makeup remover is a great beauty product to stock yourself with instead of using regular ol’ soap and water. A lot of mass produced makeup removers can contain harmful chemicals that should not be put on your body, including and most importantly on your face and near your eyes. That’s why we suggest you try using a non-toxic makeup remover like Be Green Bath & Body’s Makeup Remover. Just like us, Be Green Bath & Body dedicates their brand to producing great beauty products that are non-toxic and provide great nourishing qualities for your skin.

beauty product 3


4. A Good Lip Color

Having a beautiful go to lip color for Fall is a must have beauty product. Fall is all about deep reds and purples, hues that can make for beautiful lip colors. Whether you’re headed to the office or going out on the town, you should definitely make sure you are rocking a great Fall lip. One brand that we suggest you look into is Coastal Classic Creations. They provide gorgeous beauty products that are also paraben-free and vegan, which makes them another favorite of ours! Try out their Conch Lipstick shade which is the perfect color for Fall!

beauty product 4


5. Nail Polish

Of course, we are going to throw our own hat in the ring for this list of beauty products. At 7TRUE™, all of our polishes are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free! We offer a wide variety of colors to fit any season and any look. You can even join our subscription box program where you will receive a new box of polish colors every season. For Fall, we suggest you try out our Fall Awakening color, which pairs beautifully with the lip color that we suggested above!

beauty product 5

Want to learn more about 7TRUE™ and our products? Visit our website today and start feeling beautiful about the products that you are using. Once you start your collection of amazing beauty products from us, join in on the fun and #7TRUE on social media!