Fall 2018's Hottest Nail Colors

Make the most of your Fall 2018 by dressing up your hands with a hot nail color. At 7TRUE™ our nail colors are named by season but are so versatile you could wear them all year long! Here are some of our favorite nail colors for this Fall:

1. Fall Skies

This gorgeous dark blue nail color is the perfect color for your Fall look. While it’s not darkest of blues, it is also not the lightest shade, so it can still evoke a Fall feel. Fall is all about earthy tones and this nail color truly compliments those tones that everyone loves about the season.

 2. Fall Back

Everyone loves a good red lipstick, but a good go-to red nail color is also essential for pairing with that perfect lip color. Our Fall Back nail color is as fine as wine when it comes to nail colors that are perfect for Fall. Not only will you look like a rockstar with this nail color, you’ll feel like one too because you’ll be sporting a brand that dedicates themselves to providing nontoxic and cruelty cosmetics that are worth every penny!


3. Fall into Winter

Even though we are just now transitioning into Fall, this nail color is a flawless fit for this season and the next! Our Fall into Winter nail color is a neutral gray that pairs seamlessly with just about everything. Not only is this shade of gray the ideal tone, but the matte finish makes this nail polish fashionably quintessential for Fall.


7TRUE™ has such a great variety of nail colors to offer and to top it all off, all our products are 7FREE, Vegan and Cruelty free making our nail colors a no brainer for this Fall. Are you falling in love with our Fall collection? You can buy this season’s collection box here on our website and have beautiful, healthy nails all season long.


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