Top 3 Things to Know About Subscription Boxes

Sometimes getting to the store can be a task that we don’t want to deal with or simply don’t have time for. That’s why the creation of subscription boxes is so genius! There are many different types of subscription boxes including: nail polishes, cosmetics, beauty, fashion, jewelry, food and more.  

What Are Subscription Boxes? 

A subscription box is usually a themed box of goodies that are delivered to your door on a regular basis. Most subscription boxes are sent on a monthly basis, but some might be on a different time frame like weekly, bi-monthly, annually or seasonally like 7TRUE™’s subscription nail boxes. The reason why subscription boxes are so fun is because they typically contain new products for the subscriber to try and subscribers often don’t know exactly what they’re going to get until it arrives, giving them an element of surprise.


What Do Subscription Boxes Include?

The type of products that are included in a subscription box depends on the company and what their program entails. For example, at 7TRUE™ we offer a seasonal subscription nail box that comes with over $100 worth of nail polishes and artisanal products. Our Fall Collection Box includes 4 nail polish colors and 1 treatment/Gel Finish Top Coat perfectly suited to match your seasonal vibes.

If you order a subscription box from a beauty brand, then chances are they will send you samples of the newest and most popular products. A lot of clothing subscription boxes will have you fill out a survey in the beginning, and then send you clothing items in your subscription box that align with your particular style.


How Much Does a Subscription Box Cost?

The cost of a subscription box varies and usually depends on the value of all the products you are receiving. The average cost of a subscription box can be anywhere from $19.99 to $69.99 depending on the company and the average cost of the products included.

At 7TRUE™, each of our seasonal subscription boxes will have over $100 worth of nail polishes and artisanal products, but our subscribers pay only $50! When you prepay for your subscription from us, you get 1 month free and you save 25% ($37.50) off your future subscription boxes! As if that weren’t enough, true to our brand, we donate a percentage of each subscription box purchase to a designated charity each season.

Ready to get the season’s hottest nail colors delivered right to your door? Ready to experience non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan beauty products? And ready to make a difference just by purchasing products you know and love? Then the 7TRUE™ subscription box is for you! Visit our website today and sign up! Don’t forget to follow us on social and tag #7TRUE when you post your beautiful nail art designs!