Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Cruelty Free Cosmetics are products that are produced without testing of any kind performed on animals. While there has been a big push for cruelty free products in the cosmetics industry, do you know why that’s important? In this blog post, we will cover some of the top reasons why these types of products are so important and why you may want to consider making a switch.

1. Saves Animals from Harmful Tests

Cruelty free cosmetics do not use animals as test subjects for different cosmetics products. Once images of bunnies having chemicals dripped in their eyes and guinea pigs with burns on their skin surfaced, consumers became very aware of this major issue and started to protest this type of testing, and rightfully so. 

2. Better Testing

The alternative methods that are used for cruelty free cosmetics include using the tissues and cells from humans (labeled as “in-vitro tests”), and sophisticated computer models (labeled as “in silico tests”) or chemical methods (labeled as “in chemico tests”). These types of tests are usually quicker, cheaper and are actually more predictive for human reactions than animal testing, which was first developed over 70 years ago.

In addition, these new methods for testing cruelty free cosmetics have to undergo a validation process. The validation process is to scientifically demonstrate that these alternative tests are more effective than the tests they are replacing, which is this case would be animal testing. Animal testing on the other hand, has never been validated for its use in reliably predicting human reactions or responses.

3.Cruelty Free Cosmetics are Healthier

Cruelty free cosmetics generally have fewer chemicals in them. Since most products today are loaded with chemicals that are hard to read or understand, this is a welcomed change. It is important to ensure that the products you are buying won’t cause an allergic reaction and, even if you aren’t at risk for any sort of reaction, it is still nice to know that what you are putting on your body is not full of harmful toxins.

4. You Have the Power to Create Change

By purchasing cruelty free beauty products, you are sending a message to brands that you do not condone animal testing or toxic chemicals in your products. When enough people take a stand, eventually more companies will comply and switch to providing cruelty free cosmetics instead. One step at a time, cruelty free cosmetics and other products will become the standard.

 5. Better Alternatives

Overall, switching to cruelty free cosmetics is beneficial. By switching to cruelty free cosmetics, you can rest assured that you are saving animals from harmful testing and protecting your body from toxins that you don’t need to be exposing yourself to. There are many brands that are cruelty free and are very budget friendly as well. We are proud to say that 7TRUE™ is one of those brands. Our nail polish is a luxury product that is 7-FREE of harmful chemicals, Vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free.


PETA is a great resource to find other products and brands that are certified to be cruelty free with a logo of “Beauty without Bunnies” on their brand. Check out the website and you’ll see 7TRUE™ there as well.


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